We operate within a governance framework which we believe provides assurance to all our stakeholders that Bakkavor is a well-managed, responsible company and which allows us to ensure that the Group Board and the Management Board:

  • have assessed the necessary options and are taking the business in the right strategic direction
  • are leading and managing the business effectively and are accountable for their actions
  • have put in place appropriate controls which are used actively throughout the business
  • consider the interests of all our stakeholders in making executive decisions

How we Operate

GROUP BOARD: The Board retains ultimate responsibility for upholding corporate governance standards and determining the strategic objectives of the Group.

MANAGEMENT BOARD: The Management Board implements the strategic objectives set by the Group Board and approves Group policies. It monitors achievement against objectives and compliance with policies.

GROUP OPERATIONS: Within appropriate risk parameters managers at our business units are tasked with the detailed planning and implementation of strategic objectives set by the Management Board.

STAKEHOLDERS: We address all stakeholder interests through the Bakkavor values. Our values are fundamental to our ability to run our business with integrity. We recruit new people and reward all managers against their ability to demonstrate our values in the day-to-day running of the business.

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Our management board

Our highly experienced Management Board is tasked with the successful operational running of our business within our corporate governance and risk management frameworks.


average number of years in the food industry


leading industry experts in food technology


total years of service at Bakkavor

Agust Gudmundsson
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Gates
Chief Financial Officer
Ann Savage
Group Technical Director
John Gorman
President – Bakkavor North America
Einar Gustafsson
Managing Director – Bakkavor Asia
Mike Edwards
Sector Managing Director
Ivan Clingan
Sector Managing Director
Steve Broadbent
Sector Managing Director